Ever After Farm, Spring Hill, KS 66083

Help Gump Meet Luke Bryan

Help Make Gumpy’s Plea Heard!!!! #bringLuketothefarm

Dear Luke Bryan,

Gump here. You may have heard of me. I mean I’m a pretty well-known celebrity in these parts and I heard you were coming in town on your Luke Bryan Farm Tour and since we are both kind of a big deal and constantly battling the daily paparazzi I figured I would offer you a quiet, peaceful spot to crash at my humble abode called the little red barn, or otherwise known as Gumpsville. I may be the only one calls it that but that’s beside the point. I really just wanted to offer you a place to get away from the daily grind since I heard you were a fan of senior doggos and honestly that’s just the kind of friend I am, always looking out for everyone else. Right now it’s just me and 17 other of my rescue pup friends and of course me being the amazing son I am, I opened up my home to my mama too. You see I’m a family man like you – another similarity, really uncanny how much we have in common if you think about it. You sing country music. I live in the country. You eat food. I love cheeseburgers. You have 8 million people who follow you, I have 12k people follow me, which in dog numbers is 84 million (sorry I’m a little more popular than you, but don’t be jealous I really like your music too). I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Anyways back to my invite, about my farm, it’s nothing super lavish, just filled with couches, dog beds, a really great open living style environment, filled with the best servants ever who cater to your every need. I’ll be honest they totally spoil me and between you and me I don’t even pay them a thing! How about that! They do it all because they love me. Ha! Groupies are the best! Well, back to me, I’m really like you too because I’m all about giving back when I can so I help take care of my pups and other peeps in the barn and the pound. Like I said earlier since I’m really kind of a big deal and you’re kind of a big deal I thought we should definitely meet up and share a cheeseburger, or two. I mean what better way to bond right? Two brothers from another mother sharing a couple burgers together, on a farm, in a little red barn, down in Spring Hill, KS. Wow, I mean I think that sounds like a hit country song for your right there! Feel free to take all the copyrights from that. #yourewelcome

Anyways, I won’t keep you long and I’m sure you’re probably busy but if you need a break from your celebrity status and want to hang with a pup who really knows how hard it is to be incredibly popular and loved you’re welcome here anytime.

Have your people call my people and they’ll hook you up. I even have my very own personal driver named Craig who is on call 24/7 how about them apples! I mean I really do have the life – although I’m still waiting for my forever family to find me but until someone is willing to love me and my mama Gumpsville will have to do.

Sincerely – your new bff,
Gump aka my celebrity names, Gumpers, Gumperoni, Goo Goo, the Gump Man, Gumpy

PS don’t forget to bring the cheeseburgers when you come. See you soon!

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