Ever After Farm, Spring Hill, KS 66083

More than 100 dogs saved in 2018!

(And we weren’t even up and running for the full 12 months…)

The mission of Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary is to provide our senior furry friends a home in a loving, healthy living room​ setting​​. Here they can comfortably live out their lives, be they measured in weeks, months or years.

As the first year progressed, volunteers multiplied and attended behavior trainings and barn orientations. Several adoption events took place along with a wildly successful online silent auction. Dogs were fostered as new individuals and families found they could, in fact, find just a bit more space, and lots and lots of dogs found their furever homes. Always lots of dogs.

The sanctuary celebrated its grand opening Saturday May 12, 2018 with family, friends, food, and lots of dogs. Always lots of dogs.

Of course, with every addition (both canine and construction) came the possibility, and often reality, of increased bills. While we have many generous sponsors finances will never stop being a factor, and oftentimes it falls to the volunteers to dip into their own pockets or Jen to pull, once again, from her personal finances. It’s all worth it for the dogs though. Always lots of dogs.

Jennifer Dulski, founder and president

Jen came to Kansas City in early 2017 with her two rescue dogs, Mugsy and Libby, determined to fulfill a dream of creating a sanctuary for elderly dogs with no place to spend their final years. She wasted no time in making that happen as soon as she discovered and purchased the former Mohn property. While lawyer by day, she considers herself a professional recreational athlete by night. Jen’s dogs are not only her family but also her lifeline. Nothing made more sense than starting Always & Furever and helping that family to continue to grow.